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Tianjin Cotton Clothing Factory shares the skills of selecting down jackets in off-season


2022-04-15 17:14

Now many people like to make off-season purchases, mainly because it can save a lot of money, and as consumers we hardly have to pay for storage. Now that spring is blooming, people are starting to take off their heavy clothes to enjoy the warm climate. In addition to the impact of the new crown epidemic, all kinds of influences are also hard to resist for winter clothing operators, which makes the anti-season party choose winter clothing. opportunity. Let the editor of Tianjin cotton clothing manufacturer introduce the skills of choosing down jackets.

When we buy down jackets, the first thing we need to understand is the quality of the inner fillings. We can simply press its appearance. If we find that the air content inside is sufficient, we can get it from the flattened state in a very short time. Returning to normal, then this also means that it uses relatively high-quality duck feathers inside, which is ideal for keeping warm. If we have children or the elderly in our family, we should really choose this type of clothing for them.

In addition, in the process of judging the quality of down jackets, we also need to understand the content of internal fillers. Most of the clothing on the market today has a content of about 80%. If we choose this content Clothes can also play a very good role in keeping warm, but here we still recommend that you choose clothes with a content of 90% or 85%. Such clothes are high-end, and of course, this type of heat preservation is also stronger.

The next thing we need to pay attention to is definitely the quality of the outer material of the down jacket. The quality of the outer material will directly affect the aesthetics. Although it is difficult for us to judge the quality of the inner lining and filling, we can experience the external The feel of the material and lining. Generally speaking, the real high-quality clothing is very comfortable to the touch and will not have any feeling of grinding hands, but when we come into contact with some products of poor quality, it is easy to have a similar feeling. , This kind of clothes is not suitable for us to wear for a long time, and it is very likely to cause harm to our body.

In addition, we can also smell the down jacket as a whole. If you smell a pungent smell, then the quality of such a product will naturally fail. Generally speaking, products produced by regular institutions will not appear like this. The problem.

The above are the tips for choosing down jackets shared by Tianjin cotton clothing manufacturers. I believe it is a good strategy for the anti-season party. If you are interested in cotton clothing and other clothing, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to our website. In the future, we will also Will share more relevant information with you.

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