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Knowledge sharing of professional wear embroidery


2022-04-15 17:12

In order to reflect the unique shape, many workwear and professional wear will use embroidery and other techniques to increase the recognition of their clothing. This method can gradually be mass-produced with the progress of embroidery machines, so it is not a new thing. . Let's let Tianjin professional wear manufacturers share some knowledge of professional wear embroidery.

Garment factory business embroidery reflects individuality, and when done by hand, it is considered a painstaking art form and unique. This art form is very popular now and is used in the design of various clothing. These designs are made by weaving and sewing various patterns on the fabric using needles and threads. Today, custom embroidery is in high demand and is a trend in the apparel industry. This type of embroidery is traditionally done by hand, but can also be done by computer-controlled electronic embroidery sewing machines. Hand designs are much more difficult to produce because it takes a long time to weave threads of different colors into a specific design.


Clothing factories now use sewing machines more often to produce custom embroidery as they need to speed up production to meet demand. The system is capable of producing a variety of designs and has the ability to display your own designs that show the originality of your logo and brand. All this is possible because it is done with the help of a computer. This technique is much easier than individual hand designs. Nearby traditional needle and thread shops and the Internet can give you advice, methods and designs for this embroidery. You can browse many authentic online information sites to learn more about this craft. The Internet will be the mode of information about the concepts and methods of this unique needle technology.

Many businesses use "custom embroidery" to sew logos, slogans and/or company names on promotional products, especially on garment factory business wear. The production of these promotional products is very simple - it can now be done online. You just select the type of clothing you want to use for your campaign, upload your graphics or text, and it will do all the work for you in a few weeks, and then you can start your marketing campaign.

The above is the experience sharing of Tianjin professional wear manufacturers in embroidery. In fact, the company has a lot of sophisticated equipment to support the smooth implementation of this work, which is unmatched by some small factories. If you want to customize professional wear products, you are welcome to call. Consult us.

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