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Different professional attire can also reflect the temperament of different people


2022-04-15 17:16

It is often said that Taoists rely on clothes, just as we think that the military has a strong sense of temperament. On the one hand, it comes from their persistent training, and on the other hand, it comes from their uniform and tidy clothes. The same is true when companies choose business wear. For professional people, different business wear reflects their work appearance and personal temperament. When it comes to temperament, let the editor of Tianjin professional wear factory show you the difference. Temperament reflects the mental outlook of a person.

Common sense is well said, clothes are like people, what type of clothes are worn by what kind of person, a person's temperament is unique, and a person's clothing is a direct expression of his temperament, remember you have seen people in well-known books. There are roughly four types of temperament: sanguine, choleric, mucous, and depressive. He is bloody, and most classmates know it well, that is, the kind of classmates who are multi-faceted and exquisite, left and right open source. This kind of classmate is often energetic and in a state of excitement all day long, like a chicken blood. This kind of classmate is suitable for wearing clothes with bright colors and rich patterns. Relatively lively and energetic. Wear it with bold prints and colorblocking for the taste and style of a true bloody hipster. Bile, with a back-to-basics temperament, likes to wear loose clothes, casually matching cotton loose shirts, discarding superfluous clothes, returning to the essence, and sticking to his own style with a calm attitude. Slime, he will choose old and classic styles when wearing clothes, and he likes the unchanging classics. Even a white shirt will make the slimy person put it down. This is the characteristic of slime. Depression and delicacy are synonymous with them. Depressed people are more delicate and like the kind that floats with the wind and looks like a gossamer, starting from very small and gradually perfecting. Let the air be pure and broken.

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